Laser Engraving Systems

Laser engraving systems can take some getting used to if you’re not familiar with the computer software or laser engraving equipment. Manuals are provided with most software and equipment, and each will take you through the process of laser engraving step by step. When you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, you can start playing around with the various power and speeds to use with the different materials you will be working with.

Laser engraving systems are extremely safe to operate. Among the graphics you can engrave are scanned images, logos and bitmaps. If you can print it, you can engrave it. Low power lasers (considered between 30 to 120 watts) can cut most non-metallic materials, but metals need to be coated. A two step process will allow you to add a coating to uncoated metals, stainless steel included, and when engraved will leave a permanent black mark.

The Diversity of Laser Engraving Systems

Laser engraving machines and equipment are used in a variety of industries. From laser engraving beer mugs and architectural models, to knife and metal marking, laser engraving systems are versatile machines that will work on a wide range of materials. The best part is that no matter what material you’re working with, they’ll yield an immaculate product.

Detail, detail, detail! With laser engraving systems, you can get up close and picky with the product you are designing. Dollhouse furniture, puzzles, Italian charms, even cabinetry can all be engraved, cut or marked with laser engraving equipment. These machines allow you to be very flexible with your creativity.

Material Variety with Laser Engraving Systems?

What’s your project? With laser engraving systems you can engrave, cut or mark an array of materials from wood, plastic and acrylic, to leather, rubber and painted metals. You can do anything with an Epilog Laser engraver — just supply the material and your vision.

Your creativity combined with the efficiency and effectiveness of a dependable laser engraver can create magic. What would you say to engraving an ancient Indian design into that old leather belt, and bringing up it’s style a notch? How about a new, intricately designed chess board? Nothing is out of reach with laser technology, so get to laser engraving today!